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FrostGuard® Windshield Cover is the Key to this Winter

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Last February, a man named Steve Durr experienced a life-altering health complication: a heart attack in the middle of a snowstorm. The roads were icy, and the snow was pounding. The only reason he got to the hospital in time was because his FrostGuard Windshield Cover eliminated the time he usually needed to scrape the ice off and defrost the car – he was able to act fast in an emergency. 

FrostGuard provides all kinds of convenient benefits, but it also saves lives. 

Read Steve’s testimonyhere, and prepare for the winter with FrostGuard, the ultimate ice fighter!


FrostGuard Deluxe Snow and Ice Windshield Cover

FrostGuard has durable polyester and is backed with weather-resistant PVC lining to hold firm against all kinds of weather. Along the sides are sewn-in PVC poles that you shut in your doors to keep it secure and hold sturdily against the wind. Built for heavy weather and easy use, you’ll never want to scrape ice off of your car again. It also comes in different sizes and styles to fit all types of cars. Our Deluxe version covers everything from the wipers to the side view mirrors! 

We have many versions for you to choose from: Deluxe, Plus, and Go. Each has the same rugged design but is uniquely made for different needs. You’ll also receive a convenient pouch that your cover will easily slip into – making easy storage for you! 


Winter Windshield Cover

Our goal is to make everyday life easier at all times of the year, even in a blizzard. With FrostGuard, forget waking up extra early to scrape ice off the car before work, avoid snow getting all over you as you lean over the snowy car with a scraper, and save so much time not having to wait for the car to defrost.

Saving time is convenient, but it is also safe. Anyone working late won’t have to sit alone in an empty parking lot in the middle of the night while waiting for the car to defrost. Moms can get their kids from school quickly when the nurse calls that they’re sick. And – while we hope you never have to worry about this – anyone experiencing a life-threatening emergency can get help immediately. 

FrostGuard is convenient, keeps you safe, and helps you stay guarded for winter! 


FrostGuard Side Mirror Covers

If you want even more winter-snow convenience, consider theUrban Transit™ FrostGuard Rear Window Cover and Door Handle Covers. 

Our Rear Window Cover works the same as the Front Windshield Cover but is explicitly for the back window. Pull it over the window, hook it securely to the tires, and avoid stubborn ice in the morning! 

The perks of ourDoor Handle Covers are that they universally fit any door handle, are easy to install, and keep you from running late due to frozen shut door handles. They are made with a robust polypropylene design to protect against the worst of snow storms. Plus, they come in a two-pack and are super portable!

Hear what others – who have purchased the products – think about it. Go to theUrban Transit FrostGuard page, select any product, and scroll down for honest reviews. We love FrostGuard, and your car will too! 

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog outlining all of the FrostGuard products! 

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