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FrostGuard® Summit Windshield Cover

Reach The Peak of Winter Protection + Performance

Color: Black

The Urban Transit Promise

This enlarged version of FrostGuard fights frost, ice and snow at a whole new level. It covers your sunroof, the front windshield, and also the front side windows. It even covers your side mirrors so your car can be extra protected this winter!

  • MAXIMUM COVERAGE | Optimal coverage over the front half of your vehicle for the easiest and safest driving during winter months. Reduces ice-scraping and eases snow removal significantly.
  • EASY TO ATTACH | Four sturdy attachment hooks secure to your wheels to ensure the product will hold sturdy through any snow storm.
  • ANTI-THEFT | The security strap with an anti-theft puck secures into your car door to deter theft.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT | Innovatively built to cover and fit most sized vehicles. Whether a small sedan or truck, your ride will be protected this winter. When not in use, fold down compactly for easy storage.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT CONSTRUCTION | Heavy-duty polyester fabric is backed with a weather-resistant PVC lining to fight frost, ice, and snow effectively. Sturdy hooks hold the FrostGuard Summit attached in place to your vehicle and secured against strong winds.
Standard Dimensions 76" x 69" x 108"
Standard Weight 4.0 lbs.
Fabric Material 300D Polyester + PVC backing
Strap Material Elastic



FrostGuard Summit Windshield Cover Dimensions

How do I ensure that my FrostGuard does not get stolen? The Security Panels are designed to tuck into each car door so that you can lock your vehicle and prevent theft.
Can I use my FrostGuard during the summer as a sun blocker? No, the FrostGuard will absorb heat, making the car hotter. It has PVC backing and the recommended upper temperature limit is 140 F. That’s why we have a summer version called the SolarGuard!
Will my FrostGuard stick to my windshield after ice and snow? No, your FrostGuard is intentionally designed with a nonstick backing.