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The Absolute Best Way to Travel with your Dog

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There is no reason to leave the dog out when taking on a new adventure! We understand that it can be daunting to take the dog in the car, especially for new pet parents. Luckily, we think of it all here at Urban Transit™! We’ve laid out fun adventures in our home state of Tennessee to explore, and the best way to do it when fluffy comes along for the ride! 

2 Top Travel Spots

The Gatlinburg SkyBridge is the longest pedestrian cable bridge in North America, is 500 feet above Gatlinburg, and offers the most scenic views of the Smoky Mountains. Beautiful photo opportunities and a life-long memorable walk make it a perfect spot for a perfectly pet-friendly adventure—snap pics of fluffy looking out in the distance and meeting new friends. You’ll love the experience, and the dog will love you! 

Old Hickory Lake is a go-to for campers or people who want an easy day of fun in the sun on hot summer days! It is located on the Cumberland River and borders Nashville. Sit down in your chair, lay out the towel for the dog, and take in the gorgeous view. When the sun beats down too hard, go for a swim in one of the designated swim areas so you both can cool off! 

There are plenty of different travel spots in beautiful Tennessee for you to travel with the dog. Even a quick drive to a park down the street offers opportunities for ball throwing, picnics, and quality time. Every pet – and pet parent – is different, so make sure to pick a place you’ll both love. And when you have the itinerary set, plan accordingly with Urban Transit Pet Products to make the drive easy, convenient, and, most importantly, safe.

Products to Take Along for the Drive 

Puppy Travel Seat

How comfortable are you with muddy paws getting all over your clean seats? If your answer is not at all, you’re not alone! OurPet Bucket Seat Cover andPet Bench Seat Cover are innovative and unique solutions ruggedly designed to keep the seats clean and you happy. 

Both sleek and stylish products fit securely over any car seat to repel fur, mud, and grime with vegan leather and 300D cationic fabric. Easy to put on and take off, and that perfect solution to dirty paws! 

If you prefer the dog up-front with you, the Pet Bucket Seat Cover may be the better option. It will cover your front seat – top to bottom – and protect it from the day's mess while still looking stylish! 

If you have more than one dog or prefer your up-front space to yourself, try out the Pet Bench Seat Cover. This product covers your entire back seat and straps from the back seat’s headrests and up the back of the front seats to maximize back seat protection. Its 20’’ mesh viewing window with dual zippers allows you to have your space and keep a close eye on the dog. Plus, store any extra pet supplies in the heavy-duty mesh pockets! 

Back Seat Pet Barrier for Car

We also offer aPet Barrier product that is designed with the same materials but serves a different purpose. This is what you want if you’re not worried about muddy paws and just want to keep the space between you and the pup in the backseat. It latches from the ends of each seat with a mesh viewing window down the middle, similar to the Pet Bucket Seat Cover. Also, utilize the storage pockets for any pet items or necessities you want to bring along with you.

And, for the smaller dogs or puppies, look into ourPet Booster Seat! PVC-backed and as durable as it gets, this booster seat secures a safe ride for the dog and a front-seat car ride buddy for you. In addition to the 300D cationic fabric, there is also fleece for the dog's comfort inside the seat – and it's removable so that you can wash it quickly and easily. Connect the dog's harness to the booster seat, and put accessories in its pockets. You’ll soon realize it's the perfect way to keep the pup close and safe without the usual mess!

Plus, you never have to worry about not having enough room to store these products when they’re not needed. They are all foldable, lightweight, and portable!

Keeping Safe on the Journey

Pet Booster Seat

There can’t be fun if someone gets hurt along the way. Adventure requires safety, just as much as exploration, so be sure to consider what you may need along the way. 

A no-brainer is to start here with these products. When you bring the dog along for the adventure, you have more than yourself to think about. You can buckle up your seat belt, but there are no built-in pet seat belts in every car. Utilize Urban Transit’s sturdy products to bring you comfort, and add more secure seating for the dog. 

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