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FrostGuard® Rear Window Cover

Hindsight Is 20/20

Size: Sedan
Color: Black

The Urban Transit Promise

With two models to provide cover for various vehicles, the FrostGuard Rear Window Cover features adjustable elastic to conform to each vehicle shape. Large rubber hooks attach to wheels or door handles to provide a secure fit.

  • REAR WINDSHIELD COVER FOR ICE & SNOW | Our rear window cover reduces the need for an ice scraper and prevents your windshield from freezing.

  • WEATHER RESISTANT | Durable polyester construction complete with weather and stick-resistant PVC lining. Side hooks hold the FrostGuard windshield cover taut for added wind resistance.

  • SUPERIOR WIND RESISTANCE | Our winter rear window cover features two secure hooks along the sides that tuck into your rims or door handles for a snug, wind-resistant fit.

  • EASY TO USE | Our rear window cover goes on and comes off in seconds; simply detach the included hooks, remove the rear window snow cover, roll it up, and store it away.

  • ONE-YEAR WARRANTY | You can trust FrostGuard, the leading winter windshield cover, to hold up against the fiercest of winter weather. If you have any trouble, our Nashville-based customer service team is standing by to help.
Sedan Dimensions 50" x 32"
SUV Dimensions 59" x 26"
Standard Weight 1.6-1.8 lbs.
Fabric Material 300D Polyester + PVC backing
Strap Material Elastic
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FrostGuard Sedan Rear Window Cover


FrostGuard SUV Rear Window Cover

What size should I buy for my vehicle? SEDAN is recommended for all cars that have a trunk that is separate from the driver's cabin. SUV/HATCHBACK/TRUCK is recommended for all vehicles that have a door across the back and opens upward.
Can I use my FrostGuard during the summer as a sun blocker? No, the FrostGuard will absorb heat, making the car hotter. It has PVC backing and the recommended upper temperature limit is 140 F. That’s why we have a summer version called the SolarGuard!
Will my FrostGuard stick to my windshield after ice and snow? No, your FrostGuard is intentionally designed with a nonstick backing.