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Protect Your Motorcycle and Keep it Looking Sharp!

  • 3 min read

Motorcycle owners are proud of their bikes. And they know that keeping their rides running well and looking sharp is a labor of love!  Heading to the garage, taking a seat on your work stool, and tinkering with the engine is a time-honored ritual. As is the important muscle work that you put into your bike’s cleaning and appearance.  

After all this effort, the reward is a smooth-running bike that’s ready to hit the road – and look awesome – when you are!  But, you still need to protect your bike on the road. Weather can damage your bike, and dirt can ruin the fresh clean you just gave it. The worst part is that these issues are unavoidable…without Urban Transit™. 

Your solution from Urban Transit™ is a sleek, stylish  Motorcycle Cover to keep your two-wheel ride in tip-top shape no matter where you go.

Why do you need it?

All Season Motorcycle Cover

Do you ever forget to check the weather, worry about sun damage, or hate sitting on a wet or snow-covered seat?  Of course, the answer is yes – which makes a high-quality motorcycle cover a must-have! 

Unexpected weather conditions can arise any day, so why wouldn’t you want to be as prepared as possible? You’ve made a major investment in your bike – and taking the necessary steps to protect it when you’re out of your garage environment is smart! You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your clean bike is safely covered and waiting for your summons to hit the road again. 

Bottom line: if you love your motorcycle (and we know you do!), be prepared to cover your two-wheeled baby with a durable cover that protects with style…

Why is our cover better than the rest? 

Motorcycle Cover Quality and Durability

First, our rugged cover provides a barrier to all types of weather.  The PVC-backing provides weather-proof protection from scorching summer heat to freezing winter snow. And, since the cover features a built-in ventilation system, you won’t have to worry about harmful moisture build-up. 

Next, the cover is extremely compact and designed to fit any bike! This scratch-free cover is constructed in generous XL sizing to cover your motorcycle completely. When it’s not doing its job, it compactly folds up to a small size for easy portability. We even include a matching storage bag with every purchase to make carrying it easier!

Also, the reflective detailing stripes look great and function as a safety feature to ensure your bike is visible at night.  Yet another layer of protection!

Lastly, it’s secure! After quickly slipping it over the bike, tighten it with the under-bike strap. Then, use the security opening with your motorcycle’s wheel locking system to keep it anchored over and firmly attached.

Don’t wait until it is too late to protect your sweet ride. Safeguard your investment with the Urban Transit Motorcycle Cover that can travel anywhere!

Does your bike still need a good wash?

Rolling car wash stool

When it is time to clean your bike, keep everything organized and in one spot with Urban Transit’s  Rolling Car Wash Stool! This product makes cleaning as easy as can be. Its Pro-Glide™ casters allow the stool to roll smoothly over any surface, the wash bucket holds up to five gallons of water for ultimate washing, and the storage tray and rugged handles hold room for all your bike detailing kits. If your goal is to give your motorcycle the best possible care, this stool is more than a want – it is a need! 

With the  Rolling Car Wash Stool and the  Motorcycle Cover, you won’t ever want to stop showing off your clean, sweet ride!


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