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These Essentials will Protect Your Car this Summer

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Summer has arrived, and here comes the heat along with it! Heat and strong UV rays can damage and fade your car’s interior. And, great adventures can cause mess and stains on your seats. With these issues, you’ll have to either deal with the damage or pay money to get it fixed. But, with Urban Transit™ products, these problems disappear. This summer, load your crew in the car and head out for adventures without worrying about the mess. We’ve created the perfect products to protect your car and manage the heat!

The Heat-Fighting Summer Windshield Cover

SolarGuard Steering Wheel Cover

Nobody likes getting into a hot car! The SolarGuard™ Deluxe Windshield Cover fights off 99.9% of UV rays and could not be easier to use! This cover quickly attaches to your side-view mirrors with sturdy elastic strips and then extends over your front windshield. It blocks heat at the point of attack – before the sun’s burning UV rays can get into your car! In addition to protecting your car’s interior, it is very effective at keeping pollen, sap, and other debris off your windshield.

Why choose SolarGuard over other covers or sunshades? SolarGuard is proven to be more effective in blocking the sun than average pop-up window shades. Plus, color options are available! With the SolarGuard, your windshield will stay cleaner and your car’s interior will be protected on hot summer days.

Take it a step further with SolarGuard’s Steering Wheel Cover for just $4.99. This is a great everyday solution to avoid a burning steering wheel. Say goodbye to heat and hello to sweet summer drives with great tunes! 

Bring the Kids Along for the Adventure

Back Seat Organizer

We really love our kids – but not the mess!  And certainly not those ugly indentions left by a child’s car seat. The Car Seat Protector is the perfect solution for helping protect your child – and your car’s seat.  Constructed with thick foam padding and non-slip fabric, it provides extra support and security to ensure a safe ride.  Did we also mention that it has front storage pockets and is super easy to clean?

The Back Seat Kick Mat is the way to go for kids who have outgrown a car seat! In the middle is a clear display pouch for holding an iPad or tablet.  On the backside, it has a hidden pouch to secure valuables. Of course, the lower half is ruggedly constructed to take the kicking from kids’ muddy sneakers. This durable cover features unique cationic fabric to make for easy cleaning. The kids may get messy, but your car can stay spotless!

Pets Love Summer Too

Pet Booster Seat and Seat Protector for Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

When warm weather rolls around, it’s time to go for a hike, head to the beach, or take off for the park. And, of course, our pets come along for the ride! But, adding that furry companion to the mix can really cause a mess inside your vehicle.

Protect your car’s seats this summer from pet wear-and-tear with the Pet Bench Seat Cover. Designed to securely cover the entire backseat, it features heavy-duty cationic fabric (perfect for quick cleanup) and heavy-duty mesh storage pockets for pet supplies. This seat cover is built from materials that repel fur and keep muddy paws off your clean seats.

For smaller-sized pets that enjoy being your co-pilot, check out the Pet Booster Seat. It is ideal for smaller dogs and cats – allowing your pet to have a great view as you head down the road. The outside of the seat features the same rugged, fur-repelling catatonic fabric as our seat covers – plus a cushy seat on the inside for your pet. Along with the convenient storage pockets for pet treats, leashes, and accessories, this seat has everything to make your front-seat sidekick happy!

Remember. . .

Summer adventures are all about making memories, and a messy car is avoidable! Take control of your car’s environment so that your entire crew – pets included – travel comfortably and without the mess!

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