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Tis’ The Season: 8 Ways to Get into The Holiday Spirit

  • 2 min read

Do you want a holly jolly holiday season? Try these awesome spirit-filled activities with friends and family for the ultimate holiday season! 


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Whether it’s your first home or you have boxes of lights in the garage, get decorating. Walk around your house surrounded by twinkle lights, holiday knick-knacks, and cheer! When the sun goes down, the outside is cold, but you are gathered together in your holiday-themed home, you will feel the warmth of the indoors–and the warmth of love. 

Host a Movie Night

All you have to do is send out an invite to a few people and turn on the Hallmark channel. Get cookies for people to decorate, hot chocolate to sip on, and tons of cozy blankets to get wrapped up in! 


The holiday season is also a great time to give to others. Take a glance at your closet – see anything you don’t wear or that doesn’t fit anymore? There are so many people who find the holiday season a hard time of the year because of how expensive it is. Donate some things you don’t need to others who might want them! Even the smallest items make a difference.

Play Some Tunes

Dance around in the kitchen to Winter Wonderland while the snow falls outside.  Even having music on in the background of your day can be a wonderful experience. The holiday season is full-on blooming, so get the music playing and start grooving. 

Start a New Tradition

People have all kinds of holiday traditions, and you can start one with your friends or family too! Something as simple as decorating a tree the day after Thanksgiving can be a tradition. Is there anything you love doing during the holidays? Do it with a few others, and make it an annual thing! 

See Some Christmas Lights

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, walking around a fully lit-up neighborhood is a warm feeling anyone can love. It is so beautiful not only to see the lights but also to see how others celebrate the holiday season. Some neighborhoods get more into it than others, so do some digging and find the ultimate spot for a winter walk through magical lights! 


Volunteering during the holiday season is crucial, and more people should do it! There are many options to get involved in a volunteer program and help less fortunate families during the holidays. Do a quick google search of opportunities in your area, and get involved.

Hold a Gingerbread House Contest

On the invite, tell everyone to pick a partner and come with a gingerbread house kit. You’ll have to pick someone to be the judge – have a vote! Then, set a timer and get building! The time limit pressure will result in laughs as walls fall down due to faulty frosting, and teams will cheer as they finish first! 

No Matter What. . .

Just remember why the holidays matter! It’s not always about the most expensive gifts but about being with those you love and spreading cheer.

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