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4 Must-See Spots This Fall

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Even if your hometown is stunning when fall comes around, there is always more to see. Each of these spots offers something different but are all attractive options. Four spots, and three reasons to visit each of them – check them out! 

Portland, Oregon

Must See Fall Spots - Portland, OR


While always pretty, going in the fall offers a much wider array of colors and foliage to fall in love with. Many of these vineyards are also found in spots with lots of land away from any city chaos. Calm, enjoyable, and breathtaking all in one day! 


Trails such as Maple-Wildwood Loop offers routes through maple trees covered in yellow, orange, and red foliage. There are also spectacular viewpoints to stop and take pictures at. Visit the stunning landscapes such as this, right in Portland – no need to travel far!

Halloween Events

If you absolutely love Halloween, Portland is a great option to visit in October. There is always something going on – from haunted houses and huge pumpkin patches to corn mazes, you can get in the spooky spirit! 

Stowe, Vermont

Must See Fall Spots - Stowe, VT


You’ll get plenty of options here: inexpensive, pricy, local, popular tourist spots, and everything in between. It is perfect for large groups because you have many options to choose from, and everyone can find something they like. The food itself will be truly delicious. We recommend eating locally and at popular spots for the most well-rounded food experience! 


Stay in a hotel. . .or a super sweet and rustic lodge! There are plenty of options to choose from, but one of the perks of staying in a lodge is that the experience will be different from what a hotel offers. You can choose a lodge with historical value, excellent dining, and amenities a hotel may not have. Get the full Vermont feel 24/7 on your trip!


There is a large array of hiking trails, all with different difficulty levels. If you want to see the gorgeous scenery of the New England fall foliage, you’re going to walk to consider walking a trail. The beauty of having options is that you can choose the level, length, and scenery you want to see!

Asheville, North Carolina

Must See Fall Spots - Asheville, NC


Unique waterfalls can be found here by hiking or driving! You have a few options to choose from, so consider who’s with you and what kind of experience you want. The all-natural waterfalls are spectacular, offering a little bit of a different experience at each one.


Like most places in the fall, the leafy green trees here shift to yellows and oranges. However, Asheville takes it to the next level. With scenic drives, excellent photo-ops, and various viewpoints, you’ll see and experience true beauty unlike any other place.


Asheville downtown has something everyone can enjoy! Bookstores, vintage clothing shops, and so much more can be found downtown. This is a perfect spot for large groups – everyone can find what they want to do! 

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Must See Fall Spots - Cape Cod, MA

Whale Watching 

This may not be your first go-to for the fall because summer just ended. But, in the fall, Cape Cod has way fewer crowds, beautiful beaches to explore, and even whale-watching opportunities that are only exclusively found in certain places like this!


You’ll still experience a New England fall, but you can rest easy in the comfortable sixty-degree weather. Early fall very much still has a summer feel, so if you’re not ready for summer to end – head here before temperatures drop!  

Breezy Beach Walks

Walk along the beach at sunset, and you’re guaranteed to see stunning colors and even a lighthouse. A cool breeze, toes in your sand, and fall foliage on the rise – what a dream!

There are also plenty of beautiful places to go camping this fall, and 10 of the Best Camping Spots for Fun and Adventure offer wonderful ideas. Urban Transit™ has reimagined solutions to make your journey easy, so be sure to check them out!

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