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What makes Urban Transit pet products so great? Just ask our paw-some coworkers.

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We depend on our vehicle to take us to our destination. The bumps in the road that we confront along the way drive us to reimagine solutions that improve the experience for you and your furry companion.

Our Pet Organization line whisks away fur and debris—keeping your seats tidy—all while fusing style and utility.

The muse? Our very own furry family members.

You’ll Want To Get Your Paws on These

Pet Barrier

The Pet Barrier ensures that your furry copilot enjoys the ride in the backseat so that you can focus on driving. Keep an eye on your pet through the mesh window and pass them a toy or treat stored in the heavy-duty mesh pockets with reinforced stitching.

Pet Bench Seat Cover

Maximize back seat protection with a durable premium-quality cover to protect the vehicle from wear, rips, tears, scratches, and stains from pets. The Pet Bench Seat Cover is versatile; unzip the front seat barrier for passengers for full backseat usability. Added storage, leash carabiner, and seatbelt access are some of the many innovative features in this design.

Pet Booster

The Pet Booster Seat is a premium spot for your small pup. Your pet will enjoy the reduced anxiety and a better view while you know your dog is safe in this harness-compatible design. The booster seat is collapsible, and the cozy fleece lining is easy to clean.

Pet Bucket Seat Cover

Does your pet sit shotgun? Then the Pet Bucket Seat Cover is for you. This versatile cover is sleek, sag-free, and bound to impress.

The Dogs of Urban Transit


Gogo is a fun-loving five-year-old German Shephard and Golden Doodle mix. When she is not working hard with our Product Development Team, she enjoys playing fetch with pinecones and can fit up to eight of them in her mouth!


Murphy, another valued member of our Product Development team, is a two-year-old Bernedoodle. Murphy works hard and plays hard! She loves to camp, explore, swim, and cuddle on her weekends off of work.


Rory, queen of fetch and tug of war, holds down the fort for our sales team. Our favorite Mini Australian Shepherd can be found romping down the hall or curling up in our creative lounge. She’s a Florida girl who has fallen in love with Nashville’s rolling hills and lakeside parks.


Syla is only a few months old and already a vital member of the Product Development team! She is an adventurous pup who loves to dig into work and mud. Syla, expert mole-hunter, is as clever as her name, which stands for see ya later alligator.


Twister is a spirited member of our Customer Support. He is a distinguished twelve-year-old schipperke mix who loves to go for a spin! After monitoring calls at work, Twister enjoys barking at the neighborhood critters—like deer and guinea fowl—followed by a quick nap on the couch.


Any dog-friendly adventure, whether you’re taking backroads or cruising around town, is a plus in our book. You and your dog are built for the journey, and now you have gear that is, too.


We at Urban Transit are thrilled to begin our very own journey as a new brand and share our new products with you.

We intentionally design and skillfully craft each product with the everyday family in mind.


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