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Top Road Trip Games for The Family in The Car

  • 3 min read

Car rides, especially long ones, can get boring. Then, the already long drive feels even longer. And as much as you love their kids, their boredom can make you a bit annoyed too. . .

A vacation or road trip doesn’t have to just be fun when you get there. You can start the fun in the car – with a road trip game!

1. License Plate Game

 Blog Road Trip Games for the Family

This game has a couple of different ways to play – play against each other or as a whole team! However, the overall objective is to spot license plates from as many states as possible. When you see a license plate from Tennesse, for example, shout it out and have someone keep track of all the license plates you’ve seen. Try to get all fifty states (or as many as possible) before the car ride is over.

2. Name That Tune 

Step one is to hit the seek button on the car radio. And step two is to try and guess what song it is! Keep track of how many you guess right and keep going until someone gets ten points, until the car ride is over, or until the car members are ready to move on to the next game. Whoever has the most points wins!

3. I Spy

Take turns and choose something in the distance or the car. When you know your item, say, “I spy something pink” – or whatever color it is. Then everyone looks around and tries to spot something pink – whoever guesses the item first gets the point. Play to a certain amount of points or for as long as you want.

4. 21 Questions

In this game, someone will choose a noun and not tell anyone what they chose. Then, everyone else gets 21 chances to ask yes or no questions about the person, place, or thing and guess what it is!

5. Did You Hear?

Think of something crazy – it can be true or a lie! Everyone will take turns sharing their statement by saying, “did you hear ___________” and fill in the blank. Everyone then guesses if the statement is true or false.

6. Don’t Say That Word

Before you get in the car for the road trip, pick a few words that no one is allowed to say, and every time someone ends up saying it, they gain a point – but unlike most other games, you don’t want to get points. The words can be anything from “stop” to “candy” – you get to pick! 

7. You Rather?

This isn’t a points game, but it does spark laughter and funny conversations. Think of two crazy things and ask everyone else in the car what they would rather do. The crazier, the better, because everyone will laugh about not wanting to do either (or wishing they could do both)!

8. Most Likely Too

There are a few versions of this game that you can play. If you are super creative, you can come up with statements on your own, or you can look up statements! The objective is to say something and let the members in the car vote or share who in the car would be most likely to do the action. This game isn’t about winning but will spark funny moments to cherish in the future.

9. Quiet Game

Ready for some peace and quiet? Games can help pass the time, but so can sleep. If your road trip is extremely long, and you want to get some sleep, tell the kids that you want to play the quiet game. To add incentive, tell them that if you make it to thirty minutes you’ll stop for ice cream or something fun!

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